London Festival of Music 
at the 
Royal College of Music! 
Join us in London for this special event.  All music groups have the opportunity to join us at the Royal College of Music for clinics and/or adjudication. The Royal College of Music is London's most famous school of music and welcomes students from countries worldwide. Your students will forever remember this great opportunity and can include performing here on their resumes and in their stories for the rest of their lives. 

We'll also arrange for additional performances in London at one of many fantastic venues available to us.

Our clinician/adjudication staff will be composed of UK and US music professionals assembled with music educational growth as the goal. Whether you choose clinic time and/or official adjudication your music experience will be the highlight of your trip.  

Call  866 898-8687 to begin planning your participation in the UK's best student music festival!

Program Brochure 

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